Some of the Symptoms of a Sick Bat

Los Angeles bats, like most mammals, can carry the rabies. Bats are very considerable in their importance die to the fact that they have the rabies vector that is most common withinNorthAmerica. Most of the cases that are documented in the USA are because of an infection done by a bat. There aren’t so many cases but there is about 1 death e ach year because of rabies transmitted by bats. This is a greater number than rabies transmitted by dogs, skunks and raccoons. When you find a California bat, you should neverhandle it using your bare hands. Also, do not make an attempt to rehabilitate the bat all by yourself as this could greatly jeopardize your own safety and also the bat’s life. There are many certified Los Angeles professional handlers that can take care of the bat.

Bats found outdoors
The greatest concern that people have is the fact that bats actually have rabies. However, less than a half percent of the Los Angeles bats populations actually get the disease. In addition, most bats that are sick don’t golooking forpeople to attack. Generally, they will look for a place that is secluded so as to die. According to CDC, people don’t just get rabies from sighting a bat within the attic or cave or from a distance. You cannot get rabies by coming into contact with urine, blood, touching fur or the guano of a bat. However, alwaysremember not to handle a bat. However, whena bat bites you or if its saliva enters the mouth, nose or eyes, get help immediately. The bat has tobe captured and then analyzed in the lab. If a California bat is found in a room where there is a person who can’t rule out contact such as an intoxicated person, mentally disabled person, a child or a sleeping person, then rabies tests have to carry out. If contact has actually occurred or is suspected to have occurred, call your physician immediately or get to the health department immediately. When a bat is found outdoors, it can be a worrying sign that it is actually sick. Check to see exactly how it is behaving. A sick bat will most definitely look sick and you can tell. Los Angeles bats may be unable to fly when they are feeling sick and this may be just the scenario here. It may have been unable to hide before daylight because it was too sick to fly. There may be other reasons for a bat to be outdoors but don’t rule out possibilities.

Indoor bats
The fur color of California bats varies and you can tell whether a bat is sick by just looking at the fur. It is important to have any bat issue handled as swiftly as possible whenever possible to avoid the spread of rabies.

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