Do Raccoons Make Good Pets?

Most people don’t consider raccoons as pets. However, there are those who decide to live with them and they come to discover that the raccoons can be very funny and fascinating companions. They are also prone to a lot of mischief and this is something that you may have to deal with in case you decide to take one in as a pet.

The legalities
Before you make the consideration to take in a Los Angeles raccoon as a pet, it is important to note that it is illegal to do so in some areas. This means that you should always check with the local California authorities to confirm this. If it is legal in your area, then you may start the search for your pet. The best option is to get a raccoon from a breeder even though this may not be that easy. There are people who have been known to take in raccoons that are orphaned in as pets. In such a case, the Los Angeles raccoons get accustomed to being handled physically from a very early age. This allows them to be more social and therefore bites become minimized. The raccoons are well known for biting especially if they are threatened. You should always be aware of this fact.

When you decide to take in a California raccoon as a pet, you need to be prepared to make a commitment that is long term. Raccoons need a lot of attention and care and you have to supervise them most of the time. When they are well cared for, they can live up to 15 years. This goes to show that the commitment is something that you should never take lightly for any reason at all. You also have to know who can look after your raccoon if you need to go away or should something happen rendering you Incapable of taking care of the Los Angeles raccoon. Once you take in a raccoon as a pet, there is no way it can be released to the wild.

Veterinary care
When you decide to take in a Los Angeles raccoon as a pet, you need to find a good veterinarian who is in a position to treat raccoons. Even if it is legal to keep raccoons in your area, finding a veterinarian who is ready to deal with them can be tricky. This is because they are highly susceptible to rabies and distemper. California raccoons can be vaccinated using the canine rabies vaccine but it is not really clear whether the vaccine works protectively forthe raccoons. In casea bite occurs, the raccoon may be euthanized or confiscated so you need to be totally careful. You also need to be aware of the diets that help the raccoons to flourish. There are parasites too that you need to think about.

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