How can You Tell if There is an Opossum Under the Porch or Shed?

California opossums prefer to live under the deck or shed instead of in nature. This is because of the food source that we humans create for them. This makes it so easy for them and so they will hang out around us for as long as they can access the free food easily. They are wanderers and if you find one in your home, they must have a very good reason. The Los Angeles creatures are opportunistic and can eat aboutanything. This includes compost piles, gardens and evengarbage cans. They can find a safe place where they can live and be near the food source and this can include areas such as umber the porch or shed.

When you have a Los Angeles opossum under the porch or shed, the pets are exposed to danger. A cornered opossum can actually bite and the jaws are well packed with teeth. When startled, the opossum may faint and this lasts for hours and most often you can assume that it’s dead and try to move it by hand. It can cause severe injury if it awakes as you handle it. When you find that these California creatures are within the home, the best thing is to deal with them as soon as possible before the problem elevate further.

One of the bestthings that you can do is to make sure that the food supply is completely eliminated from the home. Secure the garbage cans and have a regular garbage collection schedule. Seal off the deck or the shed so as to keep the animals out. You can eliminate the California animals by trapping them. They love to scavenge and so this removal shouldn’t be too difficult.

The telltale signs
The first sign is a restless night sleep. This is because the Los Angeles opossums are nocturnal and they dohunting, gathering and eating in the dead of night. They sleep in the day time. For many people, this isn’t a good thing. The opossum antics around and in the home are the first signs that there is an infestation.

The other thing that you can notice is droppings all around the backyard or compound. The droppings of the California opossum aren’t that hard to identify. Youcan find them all over the furniture and tables placed outdoors. You may also find them around the areas where they hide. Rotting fruit smell is another sign neat the nest as food starts to rot. Domestic pets can also be rather unsettled.

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